This is something I have struggled (struggle) with on and off for my whole damn life. I think it's something all women struggle with. I think it's bullshit that we grow up feeling bad about our bodies and all the ways in which they seem imperfect. I myself, am a perfectionist but long ago realized that perfectionism in relation to my physical appearance is actually the worst thing for my mental health and happiness. I still have bad days, who doesn't! But the fact is, I try my hardest to channel that inner voice that says I'm not enough of a or b and focus on all the amazing things my body can do. My body can run! My body can lift! My body can get me around easily!

1. Stop comparing yourself to others (or even past versions of yourself). I'm so bad for comparing myself to myself, maybe it's pre injury or my running time, but it still isn't helpful. 
2. Unfollow accounts on social media that make you feel bad. Those individuals posting pictures of their 6 packs every 5 minute don't really bring any value to the conversation for myself personally and therefore I don't want to see it. If someone is posting instructional video, interesting exercises, bodies in motion, cool! But people who just gratuitously post pictures of themselves flexing are not what I want to see. 
3. Try to be aware of the language you use in regards to how you talk about your body. You wouldn't tell your friend she had a huge ass, or gross muffin top, why the hell would you say that to yourself? 
4. Buddy system. Find a friend, a lover, a partner in crime to talk to about this stuff, someone who can (gently) suggest when you're perhaps being a bit too hard on yourself. Darcy has been a great help when I'm being negative and don't even realize, it helps me reset my external and internal dialogue. 
5. Focus on internal goals, not external ones. In the gym, in life etc, make your goals things like "I want to lift xlbs on this exercise, or increase my reps, increase my mobility" instead of dropping weight.